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Potentially Habitable Planets

Gliese581g.This Rockey world was announced in September 2010.Gliese 581g which is locates just 20light years away,is likely two to three times as massive as earth ans zips around its parents star every 30days or so.This orbit places the planet squarely in its star's"habitable zone"-that just right range of distances where liquid water,and perhaps life as we know it,could exist.

McDonald's Restaurants Around the World

                                              Colonial McDonald’s in Independence, Ohio
McDonald’s in Porto, Portugal
McDonald’s in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia
McDonald’s Barnhouse in Yellowstone, Montana, USA
McDonald’s in Tbilisi, Georgia
McDonald’s on Eastern Long Island, USA
McDonald’s in Higashiomi, Shiga, Japan
Route 66 McDonald’s in Vinita, Oklahoma, USA
Retro McDonald’s in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, USA
McDonald’s in Lindau, Germany
Old McDonald’s in Bergen, Norway
McDonald’s on Piac utca in Debrecen, Hungar
McDonald’s on the Water in Aswan, Egypt
McDonald’s in Patershol, Ghent, Belgium
McDonald’s on the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, USA
Sand Lake Road McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida, USA
McDonald’s in Bray Town Hall, Ireland
McDonald’s in Ohrid, Macedonia
McDonald’s in Paris, France
McDonald’s at Galleria Vittoria Emanuele in Milan, Italy
Cast Iron McDonald’s on Canal Street, New York City, USA

McDonald’s Airplane in Taupo, New Zealand
                                                           McDonald’s Drive Thru in Ulsan, South Korea
McDonald’s in Freeport, Maine, USA
The World’s Biggest McDonald’s Beside Olympic Park in London, England
McDonald’s in Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany
McDonald’s in Patershol, Ghent, Belgium
White Colonial Mansion McDonald’s in New Hyde Park, New York, USA
McDonald’s on Spanish Broadway (Gran Via) in Madrid, Spain

McDonald’s in Time Square, New York City
Exotic McDonald’s in Yangshuo, China

McDonald’s River Boat on the Mississippi River, St. Louis, MO
McDonald’s in Kristiansand, Norway
Art Deco McDonald’s in Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia

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